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Cape Schanck Lighthouse Reserve - Part II

In Cape Schanck Lighthouse Reserve - Part II we continue to experience the amazing surroundings of Cape Schanck Lighthouse Reserve. Take walk along the Broadwalk enjoying the beautiful coastal landscape, tour the lighthouse and experience the amazing views from the lighthouse.

In case you missed Part I - Cape Schanck Lighthouse Reserve Part I

The boardwalk is a 750m walk to Pulpit Rock with stunning views along the way. The easy part is walking down, getting back up can be a little struggle, but the views are more than worth the effort.

A stunning coastal view along the Boardwalk.

Get closer to small marine life from Pulpit Rocks

Amazing 360-degree views from the Capeschank Lighthouse.

The view from inside the Lighthouse windows

All photos were taken by Ewan Arnolda Photography on a Canon 5D III with 24-105m lens.

More photos and Lighthouse tour in the video below.

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