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The Blue Lotus Water Garden

The Blue Lotus Water Garden is 1.5 hrs from Melbourne CBD, located in Yarra Junction Victoria.

The garden is 14 acres or 5.6 hectares (50,000 square metres) in size. Has the largest display of water flowers – Lotus and Waterlilies – in Australia, and in the Southern Hemisphere too. There are 4 main types of lake Lotus –Cream Lutea, Mrs Perry Slocum, Hindu and Carolina Queen and has over 50 varieties of medium, small and miniature lotus. There are thousands of waterlilies on display including over 100 varieties of temperate waterlilies and 50+ tropical waterlilies.

The garden features 40 man-made waterways including lakes, ponds, lagoons, bogs and a waterfall containing hundreds of varieties of flowering water plants. With a 3km of walking paths that weave through the gardens connecting by 20 ornamental bridges help visitors experience all the garden has to offer. The garden features Terrestrial gardens extensively landscaped with hundreds of trees, palms, shrubs, grasses and perennial flowers creating a tropical feel.

Even the rain didn't stop the visitors. But after the rain, you will need to navigate through some muddy areas and unfortunately, many scattered flowers destroyed from the heavy rain.

All photos were taken on a Canon 5D III with a combination of a 100ml Macro lens and a 24-105ml lens. Great location to practice close up/macro photography.

The Garden provides a large array of beautiful and colourful flowers to photograph.

Other beautiful textures are abundant to photograph.

The video below will feature lots more photos taken at the Blue Lotus Water Garden.

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