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6 Documentaries Celebrating the Chief official White House Photographers

The Chief official White House photographer's only job is to document one of the world's most powerful leaders in the World...the US President.

As the US presidential election rages on we take a look at the Chief Official Whitehouse photographer. This is an optional position and is appointed by the president to capture all official duties. These selected individuals spend countless hours following the president closely, capturing every moment of the president from greeting overseas officials to very late-night meetings. Who can forget the photograph of President Obama's face in the situation during the Bin Laden raid?

The photographer's primary responsibility is to build an archive, document the president through the course of their presidency. Countless number of photos are taken and many of the photos will never be seen by the public. Pete Souza, President Obama's official photographer was quoted saying he took over 2 million photographs of the president during his two terms.

To celebrate these photographers and their powerful images, here are 6 documentaries you can watch right here.

1. How the Official White House Photographer Is Chosen

2. The president's Photographer parts 1, 2, 3 and 4

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3. The Best Photos of Obama's Presidency | History

4. Portrait of a Presidency: Pete Souza's Photography of the Obama Years

5. White House Photographer Pete Souza Opens A Window Into The Obama's World | First Take | TIME

6. President Trump - Through Shealah's Lens

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