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Made in Melbourne - Street Photography in Black and White- Book

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Melbourne, the liveable city, is vibrant with many faces and moods. It draws you in and if you stop for a moment it will reveal its true self and all its beauty.

My photographic journey began in 2007 and my passion for capturing the soul of Melbourne was the impetus for this 'Made in Melbourne' project.

'Made in Melbourne' is a photographic study in black and white which reveals Melbourne's energy, diversity and timelessness.

I invite you to pause and take a moment to consider the soul of the beautiful city I call home.

The black and white imagery gives a sense of elegance and less distraction from colours so that viewers are able to enjoy the moment.

The book features a small collection of photos taken over several years while the accompanying video below will showcase a larger collection.

95 percent of photos were taken on my Canon 5D III with 24-105mm lens. The other 5% were taken on a Sony A-100, my first DSLR camera.

The project aimed to capture life on Melbourne streets in its rawest form. It involved candidly photographing characters going about their daily life with the beauty of the city in the background. The book is a documentary for future generations to enjoy and reflect on the passage of time in an ever-changing City.

The Photos

The photos were taken over several years. Some on a Sony A-100 and most on my Canon 5D III. Technically, some of the settings varied from night to day. But the constant was f/ stop, the sweet spot was f/10. The ISO was set as low as possible between 200 and 250. While the shutter speed varied from 1/300 and 2mins depending time of day.

All photos were converted to black and white in Photoshop by simply applying the Black and White adjustment layer.

Here is a video showing you 6 ways to convert your colour images to Black and White in Photoshop

The Book

8" x 6" Small Landscape Perfect Bind Softcover.

Over 40 pages

To order a copy please email me e_arnolda@hotmail.com

I do hope you enjoy the book and video. I always welcome constructive critiques and feedback.

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